About Us

Steel City NDT LLC is a full service nondestructive testing team that is family owned and minority owned. Our standards are high and we’re committed to quality control and assurance methods that keep them that way. Steel City NDT, LLC exists to ensure the integrity of materials you use in your residential, commercial and industrial projects. At Steel City NDT LLC we raised the bar for inspection services by building a professional, focused, and highly responsive company. Our team provides inspectors to perform a wide variety of inspection methods to any code or specification.


Our high quality approach allows customers to save money on future, unneeded repairs and additional, unwarranted testing. We do the job right the first time so that it does not have to be done again.


The founders have over 15 years of professional, project management, facility management and nondestructive testing experience which allows them to handle diverse engagements. They also have experience in the highly regulated pharmaceutical/biotech industry which means that quality control/assurance, training, reporting and documentation are second nature within Steel City NDT LLC. These areas are never overlooked on a project.


Our training goes above and beyond what is mandated by regulators in the nondestructive testing industry. We ensure that all of our technicians are trained to our founders’ high expectations which go above and beyond what other NDT companies demand.

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