The Steel City NDT LLC Vision is to have an innovative culture with diverse, outstanding employees who drive change and go beyond in delivering on Steel City NDT LLC’s strategy and performance objectives.

INNOVATIVE MINDSET – We look for people with a “can-do” attitude who do not shy away from new challenges. We welcome individuals who are open-minded and receptive to new ways of doing things and are quick to align the business with the changing desires of consumers.

DIVERSE PEOPLE AND SKILLS – Diversity goes beyond gender, race, religion, cultures and includes diversity also in experiences and functions. We believe that diversity brings a broad contribution to the company’s ability to reach its goals.

ABILITY TO DRIVE CHANGE – To be a Steel City NDT LLC employee you must be comfortable with driving change, implementing new ways of working and being proactive instead of reactive with issues that arise.

THE DRIVE TO GO BEYOND IN DELIVERING – As a company we are not satisfied with the status quo, and as a Steel City NDT LLC employee you shouldn’t be either. For our team, we look for individuals who do not accept mediocre performance but aim to reach challenging objectives and solve problems before they occur.

If you recognize yourself above, then you are probably prepared for our challenge. So when you are thinking about your career, we want you to think of Steel City NDT LLC.


Please take a moment to Complete our application and mail it to Please include your resume, cover letter, and all supplementary/relevant documentation and one of our human resources professionals will contact you shortly!

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