Drone or Unmanned Air Vehicle Inspection – UAV Inspections

***We are now officially approved by the FAA for all drone/UAV operations! See our acceptance letter here: FAA Exemption No. 12578***

One of Steel City NDT LLC’s newest and most requested service is the Drone or Unmanned Air Vehicle Inspection – UAV Inspections. Typically utilized by utility, oil & gas, or petrochemical companies, Steel City NDT LLC is capable of providing you with this groundbreaking inspection technique. The most important feature of aerial inspection and survey is the elimination or reduction of plant shutdown time. This can be said due to the fact that, typically, reaching such components to be inspected would require ladders, scaffolding, and even rope access. Eliminating these from the picture and introducing a drone / UAV allows for a much safer and easier inspection. This also allows companies to save thousands of dollars a day in reduced inspection time.

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A great part about these inspections is that they can be utilized in several different applications, including but not limited to:

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