Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) is utilized by our technicians to perform quick and comprehensive inspections. Our computer controlled ultrasonic systems and software is capable of scanning at high speeds for erosion and corrosion. Magnetic wheels enable the unit to be securely attached to the pipe or vessel to ensure a complete and sound inspection. Our units are capable of operation with a wide range of inspection techniques including straight beam, shear wave or angle beam, tri-element, and time-of-flight diffraction.

Our units can also be set up with more than one probe which enable for combinations of pulse-echo, time-of-flight diffraction, and shear wave or angle beam. Not only will this method of ultrasonic testing detect a defect, but it will also provide us with a location and size, utilizing a completely automated system. This method of testing is great for routine maintenance inspections, as well as plant shutdowns. Although this testing method relies on accessibility of the test piece, it is widely used in place of radiographic testing and is therefore typically more cost effective. Additionally, this testing method provides repeatable and extremely accurate results. Not only can this method be used to inspect welds, but it is also great for large structures, pipelines, and vessels or tanks.