Flow Testing

Able to perform flow testing in any environment is another specialty service offered by our highly trained technicians. Utilizing flow testing, we are able to perform flow tests in virtually any application and any circumstance. Our most utilized piece of flow testing equipment is the ultrasonic meter which is utilized mainly for fully closed pipes. This meter is able to measure and calculate bi-directional flow. The meter is simply clamped onto the test pipe using, in most cases, a chain. The ultrasonic meter is also capable of data logging which comes equipped with a 40,000 point data logger.

The equipment combines digital signal processing to measure velocity, flow, and volumetric flow. Although the main application of this unit is for clean liquid applications, we are also capable of testing pipes which contain higher concentrations of solids or gas bubbles. The transducers utilized for this piece of equipment are capable of taking measurements on pipe from 1 inch to 200 inches in diameter.

Another meter and test method offered by Steel City NDT is the digital water velocity meter. This application is typically used for partially filled pipes, ditches, and sewers. This digital meter is placed directly on the bottom of the pipe or sewer and is capable of taking readings in depths as low as one-and-a-half inches. The meter utilizes true velocity averaging, which means the meter will continuously average the flow until a steady reading is shown. Once the screen steadies, the meter can be removed from the water and the reading will remain frozen on the screen until it is reset.