Radiographic or X-Ray Testing – RT

Radiographic Testing or RT, or industrial radiography, is a testing method which utilizes short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (photons) to penetrate various materials and detect hidden flaws. There are two different radioactive sources available which include X-ray and Gamma-ray. The radiation source and strength depends things such as material thickness and the size of the component. Radiographic Testing (RT) is used to detect surface and subsurface flaws, and allows for a permanent image of these flaws. With that said, Radiographic Testing (RT) can be utilized multiple times over a components service life which will show gradual change in the size and shape of the discontinuities.

Radiographic Testing (RT) is commonly used for welded parts, forgings, castings, corrosion mapping, detection of blockages in sealed equipment, measuring porosity in concrete, among many others. Also with this method, either an X-ray machine or a radioactive source can be used as a source of photons. Some benefits of Radiographic Testing (RT) is that it can inspect assembled components, minimize surface preparation of test piece, verify internal flaws on complex pieces, isolate/inspect internal components, among many others. RT is widely used in the aerospace industries, military defense, offshore industries, marine industries, petrochemical industries, waste management, automotive industries, and manufacturing industries.