Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can detect and locate any subsurface discontinuities otherwise undetectable in concrete, among many other medians. The construction industry utilizes ground penetrating radar to test the soundness of surfaces which are to contain large cranes and other structures. Our GPR services can also be used to detect the location of crucial structural pieces under concrete and soil surfaces without having to dig to find them.

Above Ground View of Void

Above Ground View of Washed Out Area

GPR Screenshot of Washed Out Subsurface

GPR Screenshot of Washed Out Subsurface

Ground Penetrating Radar service methods offered by Steel City NDT include:

  • Concrete Scanning – This will enable us to tell you where certain objects are within concrete prior to drilling or the installation of major applications/appliances. This includes, but is not limited to, the detection of erosion/corrosion in both the ground and in the concrete itself, detection of reinforcing steel within a concrete structure, and the detection of electrical services. All of these services will enable safe drilling and will avoid the need for building or facility shutdowns.
  • Private Utility Mapping – This shows customers where certain utilities lie within the ground, including communication lines, gas lines, electric, water lines, and sanitary lines. GPR services can be used in unison with GPS for private utility mapping by providing a detailed underground layout of your construction/job site.
  • Electromagnetic Induction – Utilized with GPS , this will provide a useful aid in mapping things such as contaminant detection, groundwater exploration, metal detection, geological mapping, and hazardous waste site investigations. This service essentially utilizes a magnetic field which induces an electrical current into the earth. The already established current in the earth produces a secondary magnetic field which indicates the conductivity of the earth.

Additional uses for Ground Penetrating Radar can be found at the following links:

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