ISO 9001

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Steel City NDT LLC prides itself on quality and bases that performance on ISO 9001:2008 principles. This means that we regularly check our quality policy and it is followed and held by all levels of employees. Not only are we up to date with a quality system, but is it constantly checked for effectiveness. At Steel City NDT LLC, we take pride in our dealings with customers and effectively communicate about any and all questions, contracts, quotes, feedback, and complaints. We are here for the customer, and will only send our most qualified and skilled technicians on specific inspections. In addition to keeping up with our quality policy, all employees are constantly checked for performance in order to keep up with all certifications and re-certifications. All procedures and quality policies are regularly checked upon by upper management, reviewed along with past problems and potential future problems, and dealt with accordingly to ensure the utmost professional and effective work environment for our customers.