I will keep your information handy for any other work like this and will pass it along to my counterparts in the area. To be honest- you were one of two companies out of approximately 10 that responded and were willing to perform the work, none of whom were in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks again for your quick response and I look forward to working together down the line.” Matt G., Shop Manager

“It was a pleasure to work with Steel City NDT on the Brown School of Engineering Project.  Steel City NDT was contracted to test and inspect GFRC fin support frames and provide local QA checks for the GFRC fin assemblies.  Niko, Eric and Drew went above and beyond to work with an evolving schedule meeting every deliverable along the way.” Alex G., Project Manager

“I wanted to thank Steel City NDT LLC for all of the help yesterday. Your quality of service is truly above the rest. We can’t thank you enough for the quick response to our matter. Fortunately for us we saved a significant amount of money by resolving an ongoing issue!” – Kyle Y., President

“I was very pleased with Steel City NDT’s performance and responsiveness. Their employees are technically proficient and thoroughly familiar with their equipment. They successfully accomplished a technically challenging inspection which our original contractor was unable to perform. I especially appreciated their rapid and flexible response to workscope changes. I will undoubtedly be calling on them again.” – Kevin F., Plant Engineer

“We have only been working with Steel City NDT for a couple of months now BUT due to their outstanding customer service and willingness to work with our particular needs, I see our companies doing business for many years to come. What makes Steel City NDT stand out from the rest? I feel it is their ability to test on site and their reports are not only timely but very easy to understand. Their technicians are prompt, curious and very flexible when situations change. I would highly recommend Steel City NDT to anyone who could use their services.” – Tracy M., Production Coordinator

“We were concerned that we had a cavity beneath our community swimming pool. After researching ground penetrating radar and Steel City NDT, we felt this was the best way to evaluate the potential problem. Steel City NDT was able to schedule us quickly and provided an easy-to-read report showing we were OK, just some garden variety caulking issues.” – Kevin M., Engineer

“Steel City is very responsive with any issues or services that we need solved or completed.  Their on time and thorough inspections allow us to complete jobs quickly and smoothly, which is good for us and our customer.  It really is a win-win.” – Nicholas B., Production Supervisor

“We used Steel City NDT to do an ultrasonic inspection of some of our pressure vessels. When they showed up on-site to do the inspection they were very professional and thorough. They were very friendly and easy to work with so I would definitely recommend them.” – Jerry D., Engineering Technician

“Steel City NDT was extremely helpful in helping us determine the subsurface conditions at one of our film studios. The site is an old steel fabricating plant with many unknown conditions. The studio needed to have subsurface (below the current concrete/brick paving) pits and trenches located in order that the proper surface repairs to support their required loads could be designed. Steel City NDT was extremely cooperative and was able to provide the required subsurface survey within days of our request. Their survey and the subsequent report were also provided in a timely manner and were completed within a week of the notice to proceed. Steel City NDT’s professionalism was greatly appreciated and kept the production company from experiencing possible delays.” – David B., President

“We had an outage, and had one day to inspect two large heat exchangers. Steel City NDT, LLC went the extra mile to test all 1300 tubes in the short time allotted. We had a preliminary report that day and a comprehensive report a couple days later. I would not hesitate to use their service again.” – Jason C., Engineer

“It has been a pleasure working with Steel City for our UT needs. They’re available quickly, personnel is knowledgeable and reports are prompt. I would highly recommend Steel City to any other shop.” – Amber, Supervisor

“My search for an independent testing company ended when we contracted Steel City NDT to perform weld certifications for some of our product line. Due to some customers requiring an outside source to verify our fabrications have the weld integrity they demand, Steel City supplies us with final reports in a standard PDF format that was easily forwarded to our customer. The cost for Visual inspection, and the Comprehensive Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection seems reasonable, the response time for the testings done to date has been very quick, which is a big plus in this era of our orders.” – Jerry M., Vice President